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D&D 30 day challenge - Day 9 (totally not a day late)

Day 9-Favorite Character You Haven’t Played

Midna, Tiefling Psion.

Intended for either a homebrew or an Eberron campaign, this is a character that is mainly built around the idea of what she does outside of combat. The fact that she can kill people with her brain, while fun and interesting to play, is still second-fiddle compared to her nominally peaceful activities.

I had a hankering for some mystery, I suppose, so while Midna would engage in the traditional practice of killing things to take their stuff in order to pay for groceries what she really wanted to do was set herself up in a large city as an investigator. When I built her I spent most of her budget on rituals that could provide her clues in a variety of situation. She could pluck rumours from the air by walking down a crowded street, she could see the last sight of a murder victim, she could get a psychometric impression off of an item or a location, etc. Most of these were rituals that used the Arcana skill, and since the psionic version of Arcana functions the same with different fluff it was easy to build.

Attitude-wise Midna would be a little arrogant, and a little bit of a show off. Being a tiefling meant that she had to know how to deal with people to avoid getting into trouble that she didn’t want, and this affected how she engaged enemies, too. Unless someone managed to get her really agitated she tended to palm her implement and keep both hands in the pockets of her trousers, creating a bit of mystery around why people who tried to attack her inevitably went flying across the room or starting swinging at nothing. Piss her off and her eyes would glow, the implement would come out, and the property damage would skyrocket.

I actually based her appearance on a picture out of the original 4E PHB. Somewhere in the Skills section, Stealth I believe, there’s a female tiefling sneaking around a campsite. Dark leather armor, with long hair tied back in a braid. She’s obviously a rogue, what with if I recall correctly was a katar clutched in one hand. But throw out the punching dagger and you’ve got Midna the psion detective skulking around, trying to get close enough so that she can get a reading off the bandits’ minds to tell if their hostage is alright.

She was originally going to be a he named Faustus (you can probably tell by now that I sometimes have trouble naming characters). But the Ladyfriend was making a big tough manly fighter character at the time, and kind of egged me into playing a woman to see if I could pull it off.

Of course, Midna never really saw the light of day. There was a single one-shot, where some pirates were well and truly befuddled by how they kept flying off the dock and stabbing each other for no reason, but alas that was it. No mysteries were ever solved, no little office in the bad part of town. Some day, maybe.

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